<div id="slidertitle"><font color="#95a95d" style="font-weight:bold;">Local</font><font style="font-weight:bold;">motiv</font> gives small businesses the power of location based, targeted marketing on mobile phones.</div> <div id="slidertitle">Target <font style="font-weight:bold;">WHO</font> you want, <font style="font-weight:bold;">WHEN</font> you want, <font style="font-weight:bold;">WHERE</font> you want, with the <font style="font-weight:bold;">PROMO</font> you want.</div> <div id='slidertitle'>Don't have an ad agency? Have a small budget for ad buys? <font style='font-weight:bold;'>NO PROBLEM</font>.</div>
Localmotiv is a mobile advertising platform that matches local business to web properties and apps enabling targeting by location, context, and demographics to deliver tangible, traceable results for your business.
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